Best Bucking the Trend: Capt. Charles Thompson

Commissioner Kevin Davis has been trying to step back the corner-clearing, zero-tolerance tactics that the DOJ report so roundly criticizes—even if he is upping the ante on surveillance and the like. Davis has also been talking de-escalation. But there are still some of the in-your-face old-school cops out on the street. Of course you have Daniel “Put It On ‘Em” Hersl, whose last name acts as a verb indicating police misconduct on the street. And you have blowhards like Victor Gearhart, who might just be trying to “Trump” the race for FOP Lodge 3 Prez away from Gene Ryan. But Capt. Thompson—he was just promoted from lieutenant—proudly bucks the de-escalation trend, escalating the fuck out of things and helping institute mass arrests, like those at  #AFROMATION during Artscape (all of the charges were dropped). So while we acknowledge the archaic, downright troglodyte ways of old heads Hersl and Gearhart, we give the nod for bucking the trend towards de-escalation to Thompson. But hey, Commish, maybe get Persistent Surveillance to watch how this dude handles protests before you promote him again. 

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