Best Music Store: Brothers Music

2112 N. Charles St., (667) 212-5328,

North Charles St. above North Avenue but before 25th Street was awarded "Best Confusing Shopping District" two years ago because of the baffling array of stores and because it's a kind of in-between area: part Charles Village/Charles North and part Old Goucher and ostensibly kind of Station North. More recently, with the arrival of guitar shop Brothers Music along with a few other places (RAD Boutique, Headspace) and the ongoing success of Reverb and Oyin Handmade it has become one of the most interesting and singular shopping districts in the city. Brothers Music offers up new and used guitars and equipment and not only is it not one of those chain places full of guys vying to be Steve Vai and Yngie Malmsteen and mocking anybody who can't shred, it feels more scene and community-oriented than even your average mom and pop music store thanks to live shows and other events and again, not just your typical guitar dude stuff either. Acts we've caught there include Terrell Brown, Nerftoss, and Snack Master.

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