Best Sandwich: The Jerk

Mt. Vernon Marketplace, 520 Park Ave,

This sandwich is not a bum. It is a jerk. It once had wealth and power... No, wrong Jerk. This sandwich may not have its name in the phone book but it's got a top spot in our pantheon of stuff between bread you can eat with your hands. Maybe technically it would be a wrap, because all of the super succulently seasoned jerk pork and the rice and beans and cabbage and plantain yogurt are all wrapped in a tortilla and toasted, but we're not gonna quibble with terminology here. Our mouths are too full. In general, Cultured has raised the bar for sandwiches in the city but the Jerk stands out as the ideal mixture between comfort and adventure. It feels like home, but it's not bland or boring or even predictable—and occasionally, Jake will whip one up with whatever other sort of pork he has going on back there).

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