Best Wings: Breaking Bread

771 Washington Blvd., (443) 708-1903,

You know you’re eating great wings when you continue to pick every particle of meat from the bone long after you’ve had your fill. That’s the experience at Breaking Bread, a Pigtown BYOB restaurant and catering service that opened in 2015 and specializes in wings, burgers, and whatever chef and co-owner Kimberly Ellis feels like cooking.  Her “famous” stickywings are worthy of their fame: juicy meat beneath extra-crispy skin drenched in addictive, honey sauce (with other places, there can be such a thing as too much sauce, but Breaking Bread’s stickywing sauce is so good you can never have too much), just a tad spicy and topped with cilantro and scallions. For chicken wing purists, Ellis has the traditional buffalo option as well as jerk, hot honey, and BBQ sauces. You can’t help but keep going even when you’re bursting at the seams.

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