Best Waiting to Hatch: The Eagle

2022 N. Charles St., (717) 825-4141,

Baltimore’s Eagle was home to the city’s leather community for more than two decades before being shuttered when the city yanked its liquor license. Over two years of work and renovations (and securing the Hippo’s old liquor license) later, and this bar is ready to rise from the ashes and begin another life. We aren’t the only ones waiting for the doors to reopen. The leather community continues to thrive, and they are anxiously awaiting the new clubhouse. Other queer people who see their public spaces closing, one after another, are excited to hatch an egg rather than break another. The club’s motto is “Because leather people do whatever the hell they want,” and though the grand reopening hasn’t been scheduled quite yet, we hope that they want to get this place going soon.

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