Best tronc: tronc

For the first time ever, the Best Of Baltimore issue is powered by tronc, allowing us to funnel our content and disseminate it to all new users across various platforms. Though people in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other tronc markets likely do not give a single shit about what we have to say about the best local bar in Baltimore, they will now—by way of the central optimization group at tronc HQ—be able to access this premium content on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices once they close out the invasive pop-up ad and pause the four different auto-play videos loaded onto the page. And with the power of tronc X, the mysterious, as-yet-unknown artificial intelligence technology, this year’s Best Of Baltimore will no doubt be our most profitable issue in history. This is the future of journalism, the future of content. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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