Best Trail: Wyman/Stony Run Trail

Tucked in a valley and running alongside a stream, wedged between Tudor Arms Avenue and San Martin Drive, the Wyman Park or Stony Run Trail (no one seems quite sure what its actual name is) is ideal for when you want to jog and feel left alone. Located along a former rail line that once the ferried people from Baltimore to York, PA, via Towson, the Stony Run Trail runs from behind the Gilman School just south of Northern Parkway all the way to where Wyman Park Drive meets Sisson Street in Remington, all along the stream that gives the trail its name. It’s a partially paved, primarily dirt and stone path that stretches about five miles through a slice of woods sandwiched between neighborhoods and universities in north central Baltimore. Quiet and isolated from car traffic, it’s great for a walk, but an even better for a run. And even better yet, bring your dog. The trail eventually feeds dogs—and their humans—into a large soccer field that serves as a sprawling doggie playground between the evening hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Technically, all pups are supposed to be leashed, but for years the canines have roamed free, playing catch, frisbee, and chase with their friends of all breeds. Though dogs can be found at all hours, peak time is happy hour and occasionally their owners bring a beer to sit on the newly placed benches and survey the scene of happily frolicking, pent-up pets enjoying their delicious freedom. Pure pleasure—and their humans, living vicariously, can pretend they’re getting exercise as well.

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