Best Tiki Drinks: Pen & Quill

1701 N. Charles St., (410) 601-3588,

Pen & Quill’s tiki drinks have gained something of a cult following over the past year as they’re only offered one night a week. The Station North restaurant and bar hosts a Tiki Tuesday happy hour where it serves up a series of old school cocktails using recipes from back-in-the-day. Bartender and co-owner Naomi Kline has built a tiki drink menu that includes Singapore Slings, Zombies, piña coladas, and Mai Tais made with the traditional ingredients as opposed to the drink mixes and sweet syrups most bars pass off in their island-inspired cocktails. Kline prides herself on the much-maligned piña colada—a disco-era staple that has been reduced to a yuppie Slurpee since the ‘80s—using genuine Coco Lopez (a type of coconut cream that has been used since the drink was created in the late 1950s), a balanced mixture of light and dark rums, and fresh pineapple juice. All drinks are served in vintage tiki cups by Kline and her bartenders, who sport Hawaiian shirts for the occasion.

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