Best Throwdown b/w Reconciliation: PFK Boom and Jamal Bryant

Back in May, big-deal social justice-oriented mega-preacher Jamal Bryant rolled up to the Tubman House and live-streamed West Wednesday, a regular weekly protest in the city. Activist PFK Boom took issue with this and rolled up on Bryant, questioning his reasons for coming. He accused Bryant of working with “oppressors” such as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and asked him to “get the fuck out the whole city.” Bryant was, well, uncharacteristically silent and humbled. The whole thing went viral, as high drama often does. Many thought PFK said what needed to be said, but as it spread across the internet it lost context, and PFK began expressing regret over the cogent (and fucking hilarious) takedown. So PFK and Bryant met and worked it out and ended up collaborating on a July 4 event for the homeless—and both men and Baltimore are better for it.

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