Best Super Mario Bros. Level: Centre Street and Park Avenue

Baltimore’s streets have been pocked with sinkholes at an alarming rate this past year, and this is especially true in Mount Vernon, where deep openings in the ground have formed in once stable streets. But one sinkhole in particular, located just west of the southernmost wall of the Walters Art Museum, has forced work crews to erect long, black pipes that work their way along the sidewalks of several city blocks. These pipes have such a large circumference that wooden ramps had to be built for pedestrians to get on the other side of them. As any child of the ‘80s will tell you, plumbing brothers Mario and Luigi went about their mission of saving Princess Peach by traversing through similar looking pipes, and it’s much better to think of this landscape as a level in the game than grappling with the reality of the infrastructure crumbling around you. Reality will quickly set in, however, when you get up close to one and encounter not Koopa Troopas or flame-spitting flowers, but, as our own Baynard Woods captured on video, the sound of rushing sewage.

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