Best Statistician: Richard Gorelick

Baseball is a game filled with numbers and measurable stats. This is especially true now that stat geeks have added things such as WAR, UZR, FIP, and exit velocity into the lexicon. Former Sun food critic Richard Gorelick has been obsessively tracking something way more fun and way less complicated: the results of the condiment race shown on the video board at Oriole Park. For those not in the know, the contenders are Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish, and an animated version of a race around Baltimore featuring three hot dogs covered in these condiments plays during every home game. Gorelick tabulates the results on his personal Facebook page—often with the help of people in his network who are attending a game when he is not—using color coded emojis to show how the O’s fare when a particular condiment wins, and he never misses a beat. He’ll also track trends, like how the race has played out over the last 20 games. As of this writing, Mustard is the leader in the clubhouse with 26 wins. Might this have anything to do with the Orioles’ stellar home record? Definitely not, but it’s been fun to watch Gorelick keep tabs all year long.

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