Best Sit-In: Baltimore Bloc, City Bloc, Et. al at City Hall

Last fall, 16 young people were arrested in the early morning hours of Oct. 15 after staging a sit-in at City Hall. They interrupted a City Council hearing on whether to make then-Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis’ job a permanent appointment and demanded that the Commish agree to their 19-point call for the rules of engagement when policing protests. (Their demands included basic things like making sure police kept badges and name tags visible and didn’t funnel protesters off sidewalks into traffic.) The students, many of them still in high school, came from Baltimore Bloc, City Bloc, the Baltimore Algebra Project, the West Coalition, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and Youth as Resources—and they were extremely organized. They set the stage for a series of peaceful protests against police brutality that would run throughout the year.

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