Best Sinkhole: The Mulberry Street Sinkhole

What makes for a great sinkhole? There was one on Park Avenue back in 1997 when the sewage pipe broke the gas line, which was sparked by the electric lines, so that there was a raging inferno blowing up out of the fucking manholes. That’s a sinkhole. And the 2012 one on East Monument was also monumental. And this year’s Centre Street sinkhole was pretty serious, even if it lacked fireworks, but the one on Mulberry between Greene and Paca is far more problematic. A patriotic sinkhole, it was born there on the Fourth of July, but the city hasn’t even really begun to seriously work on it because construction crews first have to run bypass pipes down under the light rail at Franklin and Howard. In all, it will cost nearly $7 million, compared to the paltry $4.5 million they think Centre Street will cost.

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