Best Shot: Evil at Mum's

1132 S. Hanover St., (410) 547-7415,

Well before Fireball was coursing through the veins of every 20-something around this city (OK, and some of the 30-somethings) there was the similarly spiced shot at Mum’s called Evil. It was, and still is, far superior to the now ubiquitous cinnamon “whiskey”—a homemade cinnamon and honey flavored concoction that’s the Mum’s take on Lithuania’s Vyritos liquor. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be drinking it at one of the best, and still relatively unheralded bars in Baltimore off a dark and quiet street near Cross Street Market. Ask for the “#1 special” and you’ll get that shot of Evil with a cold can of Boh for $6.

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