Best Shitshow: Freddie Gray trials

One of the most disgusting and cowardly things to come out of the trials of the officers accused in Freddie Gray’s death is watching whole teams of lawyers, time and time again, blame a dead man for his own death. When they weren’t blaming Gray, they were blaming the people of Gilmor Homes, who, by being onlookers, apparently made it so that city police were too overwhelmed to do their jobs. So, who killed Gray? That’s what you guys asked us every time we reported another acquittal in the case. The reality is that Gray was caught up in the same brutally racist system that ensnares so many poor black Baltimoreans. And while prosecutors had their work cut out for them (proving systemic racism in a court of law is complicated), it certainly doesn’t help that State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s team bumbled through the trials, making mistakes that sometimes left Judge Barry Williams incredulous. At press time, the accused officers were collecting back pay while on paid administrative duty. The case is undergoing an internal review, the police department tells us. And so, the shitshow continues.

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