Best Rowhouse Bar: Roman’s Place

2 S. Decker Ave., (410) 342-5226

Round the corner onto tiny little South Decker Avenue and you might feel like you’re in the wrong place to grab a drink. The narrow street is heavily residential, but trust us, just a few steps off E. Baltimore Street is a quaint bar and restaurant tucked into one of the formstone rowhouses. It feels a bit like you’re going out for a drink in someone’s living room, and Roman’s Place is just as welcoming as that sounds. The family-run bar is a throwback in all the best ways, a quiet place with cheap beer and a small, friendly staff. It’s a perfect spot for getting out of the house to plop down on a stool and catch the Orioles game. If the kitchen is open, be sure to order one of their heralded turkey club sandwiches.

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