Best Resurrection: The Drinkery

205 W. Read St., (410) 225-3100

Yeah, go ahead and make your erection jokes. But it was a real boner-kill when the Liquor Board decided not to renew The Drinkery’s license, and it was even worse walking down a deserted stretch of Read Street. Less than two blocks away, folks are lobbying to put up a statue of Divine eating dog shit, but a small cadre of snooty Mount Vernonites didn’t want anything that might actually be distasteful to them lowering their property values. If they were actually worried about crime, they made it worse. It is but the latest sally in the ongoing battle for the soul of Mount Vernon between the property-owning elites and all the rest of the people they feel don’t belong in the neighborhood. But it fit nicely with the Liquor Board prudery that ordinary leftists engage in around these parts, too. The only thing we like about Gov. Hogan is his pro-bar Liquor Board, so we were disappointed to see it succumb to the Puritans with The Drinkery and delighted when arch-fear-monger Jason Curtis caused the petition to be disqualified and the license reinstated because he is on the liquor license at the Hotel Indigo just up the road.

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