Best Reprieve: Lexington Market Redevelopment

400 W. Lexington St., (410) 685-6169,

It was nearly a year and a half ago when we wrote a cover story about the planned renovations to Lexington Market and, on the ground, nothing has changed yet. For many of us, that’s a good thing. Of course, the history of the market, which we’ll just declare here as the greatest place in Baltimore, is one of nearly constant change. And some of the changes that are coming—especially later hours and more variety—are welcome, but we hate to think of what will also be lost. The arcade, where the bands play on Saturdays in front of standing tables downstairs, overlooked by sitting tables around the mezzanine, will be especially hard to lose—all of it will be demolished in the master plan. So until the wrecking ball comes, we’ll continue to go and hang out every chance we get with some Park’s chicken and a Boh from Italian Stallion while we stand at one of the arcade tables and watch the passing parade of Baltimoreans in all their Whitman-esque democratic glory. The arcade, first built under Willie Don back in the ‘80s, is where all our dreams collide and, even with farmer’s market sheds to replace it, something far more important than a few tables will be lost.

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