Best Reminder That Young People Will Save Us: Destiny Watford and Free Your Voice

We’re as guilty as the next guy of thinking that we can change the world by creating more petitions, reposting angry screeds on The Facebook, and wishing. To make real change, though, it turns out we’ve got to get out from behind our desks, go to some meetings where we’ll meet real people, and organize. We can all take a tip from the young people at Free Your Voice, a human rights committee of United Workers. These kids have successfully organized to stop the building of a giant trash incinerator in their neighborhood of Curtis Bay—no small feat in the face of massive state and corporate support for the thing. In April, Destiny Watford was awarded the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize, awarded to six people across the entire globe, for her years of work with Free Your Voice against the incinerator—work she started as a high school student. We are grateful not only for the work that has kept our city cleaner, but also for the reminder that people really do have power.

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