Best Reason to Pick Up Baltimore Magazine: Ron Cassie

B-Mag is ostensibly a competitor of ours, in that we cover a lot of the same things, but there’s really no animus here. After all, it’s important for the audience of suburban McMansion owners to really know what’s up in the city beyond which doctor they should go see. Ron Cassie, in particular, is worthy of praise for his stories that give the glossy a bit of a hard-news edge. Pieces on retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski and hometown Olympic hopeful Donnell Whittenburg are fine examples of profile writing, and the package “The Sea Also Rises,” on the potentially disastrous effects of rising water levels on the Eastern Shore, is an essential piece of journalism on global warming that every Marylander should read. So go ahead and pick up the next issue—no really, we mean it—and be sure to check for Cassie’s byline.

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