Best Reason to Leave Baltimore: The City's Messed Up

Where to begin? The murder rate? 344 people were murdered last year, most shot down on our city streets. The crappy, mostly segregated schools? A whopping 14 percent of our 8th graders met or exceeded standards in language arts while 5.7 percent did so in math last year. The housing? Roughly 16,000 homes sit vacant, growing into increasingly dilapidated eyesores that stand in danger of collapse every time a storm huffs and puffs and blows a few down. The crumbling infrastructure?  Repairs on roads, sewers, and water pipes were so extensive—and possibly ill-managed—that costs ran $105 million over budget in the last four years, according to The Sun. Or, hmm, the Department of Justice report that slammed the city’s police force for its racist and unconstitutional practices? It’s hard to narrow things down to a single tragic flaw here. Plenty of reasons—mostly interconnected—to get the hell out of Dodge.

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