Best Reason to Go to Lith Hall: YouTube Karaoke

851 Hollins St.. (410) 685-5787,

As if you needed a reason other than inexpensive beers and shots of honey liquor to make your way back to this Hollins Market institution, Baltimore’s members-only Lithuanian Hall hosts a monthly karaoke led by the effervescent MC Dwyer on the last Friday of the month. Baltimore has no shortage of karaoke bars or events, but Dwyer’s legally questionable YouTube-powered karaoke (which allows attendees to sing pretty much any song they want) brings together a surreal assortment of patrons performing deep cuts and b-sides alongside decades of pop music. The crowd includes karaoke die-hards, aging punks shouting into microphones, vocalists for local bands, and occasionally even the Monday-through-Thursday Lithuanian clientele. Where else in the city can one find folks singing Pulp and Propagandhi alongside Disney songs and Carly Rae Jepsen?

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