Best Ramen: Mi & Yu Noodle Bar

1016 S. Charles St., (443) 388-9295,

Some people lose their shit if something isn’t deemed authentic (what is authenticity, really?). And while we usually err on the side of traditions, Mi & Yu makes us favor innovation. That’s not to say its ramen is some crazy circus-stunt-food like a burger served between two doughnuts. The stock and proteins are cooked using traditional methods by a classically trained chef, but beyond that, the chef uses proteins such as duck and short rib meatballs as well as pork belly, and amps it up with sambal spices and kimchi. The bowls are enough to feed two people and your choices extend beyond ramen noodles (pho and udon are also available). Grab a seat in the tiny-but-energetic shop, pick up your chopsticks, and wear something on the shabby side; shit’s about to get messy—in the best way.

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