Best Politician(s) In Need of a Slap Upside The Head: Baltimore City Council (except Carl Stokes)

In this political season, when numbskulls and jackasses are everywhere, the Slap award turns out to be a highly competitive category. So many morons vying for a solitary award, what’s a paper to do? In the end, CP just couldn’t narrow it down to single Slap-deserver and instead awards this prize to the entire City Council (except Carl Stokes). After all, Baltimore’s City Council is fast-tracking—despite the efforts of Stokes—a $535 million (at least) Tax Increment Financing deal for Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank’s real-estate play in Port Covington. This would be remarkable at any time, as the council knows a new mayor is coming soon. But the council itself is turning over (thank God), with at least eight out of 15 members bowing out or leaving after losing their primary election. That means a majority of the new City Council will not have had a say in the city’s biggest deal ever. Hundreds of citizens in dozens of unions and civic groups have urged a more deliberate process, but the city’s leaders have pushed to get this huge deal done before November. Isn’t paying for infrastructure for big developers standard operating procedure? No, actually: As close by as White Marsh, a developer is laying-in 200 acres of roads and sewers on his own dime. But that developer is not Kevin Plank. Slap these idjits before they grab their council pensions.

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