Best Politician: Joshua Harris

City Paper loves Green Party mayoral candidate Joshua Harris. During primary season, he was everywhere. He showed up at events all over the city, ranging from a low-key Open House at City Neighbors where students showcased their work on Baltimore’s housing to the gazillions of well-attended mayoral debates and forums to the vigils and protests—and he had smart things to say. He is fairly new to the city (he’s lived here four years), but we’re not parochial and don’t hold that against him, particularly since he has made a sustained effort to talk to people of all walks and truly understands the issues that roil our city. While his chances of winning the general election are nil, he continues to earnestly campaign, raising important issues and pushing more mainstream candidates and officials to address critical problems. He may not be the mayor next year, but as he stands far left of center and tugs the debate in his direction, we see him as a rising star that will be player in city politics for years to come.

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