Best Photographer: Shannon Wallace

Shannon Wallace (an occasional CP contributor) cares deeply about Baltimore’s communities on a day-to-day basis, and usually if there’s a protest, she’s there with camera in hand. Her stark-yet-kind photos range from deeply sympathetic portraits of Baltimoreans to artfully composed images of news events, always with an impressive command of light and shadow. And her photos of the #AFROMATION protest and last December’s William Porter mistrial—including a striking photo of a young protester being slammed to the ground by a Sheriff’s Deputy—are in-the-moment news photos that the city’s conventional press publications missed. Over the past year, Wallace’s photos have been shown at the Impact Hub and she has worked with Close Up Baltimore on projects such as her website Black and Blue, which displays, among other things, a portrait series in which black Baltimoreans answer the question, “What does being black mean to you?” and a touching video, “Graveyard Full Of Butterflies.”

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