Best Patron Saint: Rachel Taft

Feed the Scene, 3512 Bank St.,

It can be rough for any touring band that arrives in a new city. Finding a place to stay and getting some good, cheap grub is essential. In Baltimore, bands both local and national can take solace in the fact that Feed The Scene exists. The house in Highlandtown allows bands to stay and eat for free before they head out to play at Sidebar, Metro Gallery, The Depot, or elsewhere. According to the numerous accolades on the FTS Facebook page, proprietor Rachel Taft runs a clean operation, with bands thankful for a good meal and beds to sleep in after a show. Founded by Taft in 2011, Feed The Scene is a boon for Baltimore. Who wouldn’t want to play in a city where they have someone like Taft and Feed the Scene providing shelter from the shit storm of the road?

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