Best Nontroversy: Roland Avenue Bike Lane

Roland Avenue from Coldspring to West Lake,

Baltimore City adopted a Bike Master Plan and Complete Streets policy in 2012. At the core of these plans is a commitment to making streets safe for all users—drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. As streets are redeveloped, the city integrates safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians. When Roland Avenue was set to be repaved, the city installed protected bike facilities that meet the latest safety standards. And now nobody’s happy. Drivers are worried about cyclists smashing into their children as they climb out of their minivans, cyclists are pissed the lanes aren’t regularly swept and feel closed in, and everyone seems to have forgotten that we’ve already lost two cyclists to University Parkway and Roland Avenue’s old bike lanes, so maybe we should all pipe down and give these new lanes a chance to keep all of us safer, as transportation engineers argue—with evidence—they will.

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