Best Nerd Temple: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

301 W. Camden St., (410) 625-7060,

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum flies under the radar—probably in part because notoriously gregarious Steve Geppi is involved, but also because it eschews the highbrow for allegedly lowbrow comic book and pop culture of the past. You can roam its silent halls taking in pop culture ephemera from every decade since the 1900’s. The comic book room alone is worth the price of admission, starting with the Holy Grail, “Action Comics” # 1 (the first appearance of Superman) along with almost every seminal issue of DC and Marvel over the past 50 years. Other rooms feature a history of TV culture, famous Baltimoreans, and heroes from the world wars.  GEM is woefully underused and we wish it would partner with Baltimore Comic-Con or even some comic book movie premieres in the city. As it is, it’s kind of like an empty church on Christmas.

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