Best Mobile Dessert: Karma Pop and PieCycle

Krystal Mack’s one-stop bike-and-cart for fancy-pants ice pops, pies, and often cakes and cookies scoots around the city for most of the year, only taking a break in the dead of winter and start of spring, February through May—and it’s going strong heading into its third year. Like so many worthwhile local endeavors, it started out as one of those exciting, kind of crazy ideas that we anticipated not being able to keep its momentum, but here we are, still chasing Karma Pop/PieCycle down for a kale lemonade pop or a chocolate espresso buttermilk pie with a hint of vanilla bean sea salt. And last month, Mack announced that her traveling dessert endeavor would no longer be traveling. Not going away, just not going mobile: Soon it will become BLK // SUGAR, a spot for baked goods, desserts, and tea.

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