Best Mixed Feelings: Mount Vernon Marketplace

520 Park Ave.,

There is a lot to like about the Mount Vernon Marketplace. You can get oysters, crab cakes, sandwiches, hummus, crazy cookies, huevos rancheros, specialty salt, burgers, poutine, rice bowls, crepes, dumplings, bagels, smoothies, growlers full of beer, AC, and free Wi-Fi. And tons of alcohol, from fancy cocktails to mass draught. All stuff that we love. The people who sell you this stuff are all super friendly. So why the mixed feelings? Well, there are the condos next door, and they’re building even more luxury apartments or whatever the hell they’re going to be, plus a walkway, basically so you can go to the market without going outside. It’s like the harbinger of Port Covington and the city’s never ending attempt to attract deep pockets. It feels like when we look back at the neighborhood in 10 years, we’ll wonder if it was the market that ultimately made Mount Vernon feel like Canton and Fed Hill.

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