Best Karaoke: Karaoke Forever at The Crown

It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage in front of a crowd of strangers on a Tuesday night and belt out your best rendition of Hole’s ‘Violet’—but you’re gonna do it. You know all the words; you’ve been singing along to “Live Through This” for practically your whole life in your bedroom, in your car, on walks home. And you might strain to get your voice as gravelly drunk as Courtney Love’s sounds. And uh, yeah, the woman who went on before you totally just annihilated Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds,’ and yes, I think that was your zumba instructor, flawlessly twerking while he rapped ‘Anaconda.’ But hey, go on, believe in yourself. You wore that velvet dress for a reason, and you’re feeling that teen angst again. Sure, we’ll probably laugh at/with you at times, but at The Crown’s karaoke, in particular, it’s less about hitting the right notes (but like, bonus points if you do), and more about the performance, spirit, and dedication.

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