Best Irish Bar: The Blarney Stone Pub

704 S. Broadway, (410) 342-3947

The Blarney Stone is probably the last legit Irish pub in Fells Point. The bar stocks more than a dozen brands of Irish whiskey and pour Harp and a proper Guinness. Almost in its 20th year, the Stone has been the go-to bar in Fells for St. Paddy’s Day, with a countdown clock behind the bar to remind you of the days, hours, and minutes left to the bro-iest holiday of them all. But let’s get back to the whiskey. Irish whiskey has a unique taste and is actually rare in bars, with most drinkers only familiar with Tullamore Dew and Jameson. Blarney stocks Kilbeggan, Knappogue Castle, Redbreast (our favorite), and Connemara, all of which are made, like their Scottish cousins, for sipping, not shooting. The Stone also makes a great Irish coffee at all hours. We’re not Irish, but we feel at home when visiting the Stone. Just like in some weird Irish proverb we forgot.

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