Best Hotdog: Mac & Cheese Ramen Dog

Ejji Ramen, 529 E. Belvedere Ave., (410) 435-8688,

The only thing more American than your standard hot dog is a hot dog that incorporates ethnic cuisine plus elements of American classics, all rolled up and fried. Ejji Ramen’s Mac & Cheese Ramen Dog is not for hot dog minimalists or traditionalists; there’s a lot going on here. You have a beef dog wrapped in ramen, tempura, and a light cheese sauce, served with a sweet-and-spicy apricot wasabi mustard. In a way, this is a globe-trekking, #foodie take on a classic, and the results are spectacular. You wouldn’t think you’d visit Belvedere Square Market’s ramen spot and leave with a belly full of hot dog—or mac and cheese—but here we are.

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