Best Hoarder: Paul Graziano

For sitting on $100 million in cash reserves while neglecting maintenance, the hoarder award goes to Baltimore City Housing Chief Paul Graziano. Everyone knows the miser: She lives in a hovel with six cats and $3 million under the sink in a shopping bag. What few people knew, before City Paper revealed it last November, is that Graziano is that crazy cat lady. Turns out Baltimore Housing, and the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, are sitting on tens of millions of dollars. Cash money. The hoard has hovered near $150 million, and never dipped lower than about $50 million. All this, even as the city’s apartment buildings crumble and Graziano (reluctantly, he says) sells off city-run housing stock to private bidders. Even as tenants, allegedly, are made to provide sexual favors if they want their drains cleared.

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