Best Heart Attack Waiting to Happen: City Limits Sports Bar

1700 E. Fort Ave., (410) 244-8084,

We’re not sure what will kill you first at City Limits, the “Fatty Addie” or the “Goodfella.” Perhaps we should explain. This popular Locust Point sports bar, probably the city’s best due to all the games showing at once and the strong menu, offers two of the biggest, highest burgers in town. The Addie comes with a cheddar cheese-infused patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Just below the Addie on the menu is the Goodfella, a burger where the beef is almost an afterthought. Stacked high with pepperoni, slathered in marinara sauce, and seasoned with banana peppers, this burger is crowned with motherfucking mozzarella sticks—like four of them. We sampled both creations for our weed issue  and we can attest that they taste as amazing as their descriptions. These badass artery cloggers are not for the faint of heart.

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