Best Head Shop: Docs smoke shop

3721 Eastern Ave., (410) 327-3676,

Like any upstanding Maryland head shop in the post-decriminalization era, Docs carries everything a law-abiding reefer consumer may need: vaporizers, pipes, rolling papers, screens, water pipe cleaners, and CBD and other vape oils. What sets this veteran Highlandtown shop apart from the rest is its stunning stock of glass-blown water pipes. There’s an entire wall of these gorgeous beauties: water pipes that look like they leapt into being from a wicked Dungeons & Dragons universe, water pipes that look like lab equipment, and a few that look like David Cronenberg was probably pulling tubes through when he came up with the gynecological tools for operating on mutant women in “Dead Ringers.” Many do have sticker-shock price tags, but we’re talking legit bong art here.

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