Best Hampden in Training: Remington

Hampden is all set, how about Remington? That’s something we imagine developers intoning as they squint into the distance from the top of the nearly unrecognizable Rotunda. Seawall might be a well-intentioned developer, but they remain a developer, and their mission for Remington is as unwieldy as the four-legged “R” that looms over a dominion of mulch and 7-Eleven. The website for “R. House,” located in the former Anderson Auto building, is front-loaded with future hashtags like “Food and drink concepts” and “original restaurant concepts,” which is a lot of concepts, something developers throw around when they can’t or won’t pinpoint a community’s actual needs. At the risk of speaking on behalf of the humans who already live in Remington, what about a place to buy pre-conceptual food (i.e. groceries), or spend time outdoors (i.e. park), without having to shell out for another ticket to gimmicky sideshows of consumer culture?

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