Best Graffiti: The Crown’s Feminine Spectrum Bathroom

The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,

Sometimes, you have a bad night in the club and need to spend some time in the bathroom and have a cry. Sometimes you just need to pee—a lot. The artists, poets, and philosophers who have graced the walls of The Crown’s “feminine spectrum” bathroom have made all of these experiences beautiful if not at least informative. The caretakers of the Charles Street venue do occasionally wipe down stalls and mirrors and repaint the walls, but thankfully not too often; for written, drawn, and etched into the surfaces is herstory at its darkest, brightest, and drunkest. A few notable excerpts: “One day you will cake like I cake,” “I silenced Bjork,” “use cheese instead of tampons + tell everyone. when you fuck later they won't judge you,” and “make sure he eats you too.”

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