Best Fusion: Carlos O’Charlie’s

3508 Eastern Ave., (410) 675-1485

We aren’t always the biggest fans of sports bars—or fans, unless they keep you cool. But we love this Celtino (or would it be Hispirish?) Highlandtown version of a sports bar where the sport is usually fùtbol and the crowd is friendly. The food ranges from the burgers and steaks you might find at some chain like the verdant shelled reptile kind of place, but you’ll also find great tacos, pupusas, burritos, seafood soup, and fajitas. We’re going to dig into the history of it one of these days, but each time we go, we end up having too much fun to do any reporting. So we don’t know who came up with the name or how, but it fits the concept and that stretch of Eastern Avenue that seems to mainly specialize in mattress spots—and it’s got a lot of competition there, with Chicken Rico and La Sirenita right down the road. So, when you see the crowds, slurping soup and watching sports, you know it’s good.

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