Best Failed Political Dynasty: The Mosbys

There was a time, not long after the charges against the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death were announced, that Marilyn and Nick Mosby were a national meme, celebrated on social media for the bold progress they were making in Baltimore. Director Ava DuVernay was among the celebrities who chimed in, tweeting: “I want to follow Marilyn + Nick Mosby around with a camera for the rest of the year. Wish I had the time. Someone should. Great doc there.” It would make for a great doc indeed, but for perhaps very different reasons. A year later, Nick is on his way out of the council after a bid for mayor that never really gained traction and Marilyn’s office failed to land a single conviction against the BPD. No doubt the Mosbys still have the juice to be a Baltimore “power couple,” but the lofty visions of the Mosbys being a force to change the city flew a bit too close to the sun.

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