Best Facebook Group: Baltimore City Voters

Facebook is good for two things: arguing about politics and photos of your kids (or cats or whatever). During the primaries last spring, however, voters tired of arguing over Donald Trump or oohing and ahhing over their second-grade best friend’s new baby could head over to the Facebook group Baltimore City Voters for something different. Not only could it help make sense of the 5,872 people running for mayor—but you could also learn about many new faces running for City Council, judgeships, and other positions. It was, and still is, a place where you could talk it out with other folks as obsessed with local politics as you are. Sometimes the politicians themselves, and the journalists who were writing about them, would pop in, offering their thoughts. David Troy, who runs the group of over 5,000 members, keeps things operating pretty smoothly and even when a popcorn-worthy scuffle broke out in the comments under a post about, say, why DeRay got so much media coverage, things never got too ugly.

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