Best Exterminators: Brody Brothers

1430 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, (410) 650-4266,

Because their slogan used to be “nice Jewish boys licensed to kill;” because they care enough to write a blog detailing the Baltimore area’s uneasy history with rats (Did you know a Towson psychologist studying rats was the inspiration for that elementary school classic “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH?” they point out in their blog); because they make it their life’s work to rid our streets of the Norway rat, the wharf rat, or the sewer rat (a rat by any other name, as Juliet might intone); because they are witty and chatty when they come to your house and announce themselves as expert killers of all things yucky, including bedbugs, mice, spiders, bats, and roaches; because anybody that tackles Baltimore’s rat problem deserves a pedestal to stand on (if only to keep their feet off the ground and away from scurrying rodents); this award goes to the super-knowledgeable rat trivia pest extermination experts, the staff at The Brody Brothers.

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