Best Door Knocker: Elizabeth Embry

We have to be honest—we miss the primary election season. Sort of. Sure, people complained that there were just too many candidates running in the Democratic primary, but we loved all the attention candidates showered on us. The best parts were the door knocking sessions that brought candidates to our front steps. Elizabeth Embry wins our prize for being the first to our doors way back last fall, long before the field got so big we found ourselves too buried under campaign “literature” to get to the door. We got to know her and found her to be a smart observer of our city; her agenda for change was both concrete and visionary. Our local general election season feels more like a coronation than a democratic election, and we find ourselves wistful for the days when candidates like Embry came knocking at our doors to talk politics; it felt like someone gave a shit about our vote—and our city.

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