Best “Don’t Stop Believin’”: Walt's Inn

3201 O'Donnell St., (410) 327-1495,

“Karaoke … 7 Days a week” says the sign on the door of Walt’s Inn. “Best Karaoke Bar” reads another inside. This Canton dive bar has been doing karaoke for as long as we can remember. So when it was tagged with a fine (and the real possibility of closing) for operating without a live entertainment license, you could imagine the owners’ surprise. In the their minds (and ours), someone drunkenly bellowing an ironic take on Boyz II Men’s ‘End of The Road’ is hardly something they’d consider live entertainment (unless comedy counts). Despite the absolute absurdity of the whole fracas, the owners of Walt’s decided to take the high road, got hundreds of signatures on a petition, pleaded their case to the Liquor Board (the fine was eventually waived), and ultimately received the entertainment license. It’s hard to be just a small-town bar living in a bureaucratic world, but at least common sense prevailed.

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