Best Don’t Let the Door Hit You On The Way Out: Pete Welch

The howls were loud and sustained when long-serving 9th District City Councilwoman Agnes Welch bequeathed her seat to her diminutive and dapper son, who had served the city as her aid for many years. Councilman William “Pete” Welch, dubbed “Pistol Pete” after he fired a gun during a long-ago election day misunderstanding, waltzed into office in 2011 before easily winning a primary race against a scattered batch of challengers. This year was different, and Welch fell to John T. Bullock, a Towson University political science professor. Constituent complaints against both Welches have lingered for years; Pete’s attendance record on the Council is the worst. And his legislative record isn’t much better, concentrating as he does on allowing small landlords to turn single-family homes into multi-family homes. He did, however, do yeoman’s work on legislation to create a dirt bike track. And he is said to be a fine jazz guitarist. Here’s hoping for a new career in music.

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