Best Dance Series: Baltimore Whiskey Company at De Kleine Duivel

3602 Hickory Ave.,

What’s better to fuel a dance night than 100-proof, navy-strength gin? That’s what the owners of Baltimore Whiskey Company thought when, earlier this year, they started a monthly dance party the last Saturday of the month at De Kleine Duivel. Featuring a menu of cocktails highlighting their new products (gin, apple brandy, and ginger/apple liqueur) and monthly themes such as “Always a Bridesmaid, Don’t Give a Fuck,” Soul Train, Electro Sci-Fi, and Cowboys Vs. Bond Girls, the monthly event has been packed from the very start with all walks of life. With some killer sets by Landis Expandis, James Nasty, and MarcusGFunk already in the books, we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve. Just watch out for that Shot Tower Gin—it’s made even the least coordinated of us jump into the dance circle and go crazy.

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