Best Cocktail: Zandunga at Clavel

 225 W. 23rd St., (443) 900-8983,

While we love traditional cocktails, it’s pretty exciting to see savory experimentations around town, and the Zandunga at Clavel may be the craziest (and best) of the bunch. Named after a traditional Mexican waltz of the same name, the drink features Sotol Por Siempre, a liquor distilled in Chihuahua Mexico using the hearts of the desert spoon plant, and the ingredient list just gets more experimental from there. Fresh carrot juice, tamarindo, garam masala, fresh lime, and sal de gusano (a blend of salt, peppers, and dried worms) all combine to create a cocktail whose flavor is as bold as its ingredients. Served in a clay cup, the drink’s strikingly smoky notes reward those out there who are willing to give in to an adventure.

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