Best Cobbler: The Cobbler Shop

219 W. Saratoga St., (410) 234-2959

Stepping into the dinky Cobbler Shop tucked between a barber shop and a body oil store downtown, you get the sense that nothing here has changed for decades. In fact, last time we had our shoes repaired there, we found a man waiting for his loafers, dressed like he’d just come from the races—in 1920. He wasn’t there for long, though, because the Cobbler Shop’s owner, Alex, has a quick turnaround, without sacrificing craftsmanship and lasting repair. And the prices are hard to beat. You can leave while he fixes your shoes (flats, heels, boots, straps—it’s done), but there’s something about breathing in the smell of old leather and watching him work that’s worth sticking around for.

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