Best Champions: The Baltimore Blast

Think about how things played out for Baltimore’s two best-known sports teams after the Best Of issue came out a year ago. The Orioles won their last five games just to get to .500, and the Ravens stumbled to a 5-11 season. As of this writing, playoff baseball in Baltimore is looking less and less likely and the Ravens still have a lot of question marks. At least we’ve got the Blast, who last spring won their eighth team championship, beating the Soles de Sonora, 14-13, in a crazy back-and-forth final game that lasted until after 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Their opponents even had a dude who looked like a bearded version of Wesley Snipes in “Demolition Man.” But that, and the multiple swings in the championship series, did not deter the city’s valiant squad of indoor soccer warriors. Here’s hoping they land number nine in the upcoming season.

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